• Devour Tours "Vineyards near Florence & How to get there" suggestions

    Happy to be on the suggestion list of vineyards well worth visiting while in town:

  • BAJA 2017 Wine Weirdos video!

    Such a nice and insightful tasting review by Wine Weirdos team:


  • GIGETTO 2017, Gobs of Fruit

    Another thoughtful tasting review from Wine Weirdo team, this time tasting Gigetto 2017:


    Fruit flowing out of the glass yet beautifully balanced with firm tannins and so accessible and versatile.

    Just love the comments.

  • Sneak preview for Gigetto 2019 coming this Fall

    We're grateful to the James Suckling team for having reviewed our soon to be released Gigetto 2019!


  • This summer's trio!

  • A wine to be happy with and to drink (and then maybe cellar some...)

    We could not agree more so THANK YOU to Steven McConnel of the wine blog "Wine1percent" for the beautifully written tasting notes, and as always so insightful, describing Poggio La Noce's GIGIO 2016!

    Link to Wine1percent

  • Starting a new life in Tuscany, the dream that became Poggio La Noce

    A beautiful write up from Sabrina Somigli of IntraVino (a popular Italian Wine Blog), tells the story of getting lost in the hills of Fiesole and discovering as if by chance the vineyards of Poggio La Noce. That in turn let to a visit to the winery and to more tales of journeys and life changes whilst tasting the wines of Poggio La Noce. Fiesole is full of surprises, she writes, not the least the whimsical names of some of the local wines, so if in Florence a visit to Fiesole is a must, and a visit to Poggio La Noce is well worth your time! Thank you Sabrina for the colorful write up.


  • SlowWine interview of Poggio La Noce for the 2021 Wine Guide

    In these crazy times of the pandemic, this year's SlowWine interview had to be conducted via video/Zoom call and so many special thanks to Marco Sangiorgi for the fun and lively chat and for sharing the video. And for our English speaking friends, sorry, but it was conducted in Italian only... Here's the link:


  • Grape Insiders' Visit to Poggio La Noce in early Spring

    In early spring last year, we had the surprise visit of Grape Insiders, of the well known and well respected Florence based Grape Tours agency, led by Rebecca and Pierre Gouttenoire (super nice Danish-French couple). The result was a fun video filmed by Rebecca of the Poggio La Noce new vineyard, Le Civette and nice chit-chatting during a time when visitors were rare! Many thanks to Rebecca for the visit and for sharing the video.


  • A Pet-Nat as "un-hippy" as you can get...

    Another so insightful write up by Stephen McConnell of Wine1percent.com about our latest arrival, Pet'Golò!

    "A hazy pink meanders around the glass. Not crazily gassed. No explosions on opening, no fizzy overflows, but it certainly isn’t flat either. Anyone who has popped more than one methode ancestrale in their life KNOWS there can be surprises. Here’s a pet-nat from Tuscany, all organic, biologique, sans soufre, about as clean and solid and *un-hippy* as you can get. One of those sparklers that is elegant enough you could disgorge it and charge double. Clean and distinct, gravely latex subtext on a tart berry punch, rich finish overwhelming the acid crunch." August 2, 2020.


  • Poolside Sangiovese bubbles anyone?

    Wonderful write up by Eric Guido for the "Rosato of Italy Roundup" and Pet'Golò!

    Poggio La Noce 2019 Pet'Golò - 92 pts

    Toscana, Fiesole

    Sparkling Rosé wine from Italy

    Drinking window: 2020 - 2022

    The 2019 Pet'Golò is wild and exotic, reaching up from the glass with a mix of grapefruit, tangerine young strawberries, savory herbs and smoky stone dust. It hits the palate with stunning sizzling depths, not quite bubbly yet reverberating somehow, and slowly settling into a mix of luxurious ripe yet fresh red fruits with sweet spice and inner rose tones. The long and juicy finish dazzles the senses with a salty, savory thrust of minerals, while evolving and contrasting with notes of ripe apple and mulling spice. This is really captivating, tactile yet fun. I can certainly imagine sipping this pure Sangiovese Pet-Nat while poolside.

    Eric Guido. Tasting date: May 2020

    © 2020 Vinous Media


  • Watermelon, cherries and lemon zest!

    Latest review from the James Suckling team for our Spring release of Pinko Pallino 2019:

    Poggio La Noce 2019 Pinko Pallino - 90 pts

    Toscana, Fiesole

    Rosé wine from Italy

    Drinking window: Drink now

    Watermelon and light cherries with some lemon-peel character. Cranberries, too. It’s full-bodied with pretty fruit and a creamy finish. Lightly phenolic.

    Tasting date: August 10, 2020

    © 2020 JamesSuckling.com


  • Pinko Pallino 2019, a Rosé with personality!

    Those are not our words, but we would agree, so quoting Eric Guido of Vinous Media:

    Poggio La Noce 2019 Pinko Pallino - 90 pts

    Toscana, Fiesole

    Rosé wine from Italy

    Drinking window: 2020 - 2021

    The 2019 Poggio La Noce Pinko Pallino, made from early-harvest Teroldego, is more orange than pink, and it leads off with an alluring display of young strawberries, sage, mint, and sweet smoke. On the palate, soft, enveloping textures give way to ripe orchard fruits with cooling minerality and contrasting acids that tug at the cheeks. It finishes long and structured, unexpectedly so, yet there’s enough energy and tension here to maintain a wonderfully fresh personality, as it tapers off to pretty notes of sweet inner florals.

    Eric Guido. Tasting date: May 2020

    © 2020 Vinous Media

  • End of Year 2019 wonderful surprise

    Paonazzo is an italian word describing a deep intense purple color (the purple eye on a Peacock's tail) or a "winoe" who after much wine has become purple in the face. We thought that word would aptly describe the color of this wine, a blend of 50-50 Sangiovese and Colorino. But nothing prepared us for this warm and thoughtful write up by Stephen McConnell to which we're ever so grateful.

    To read on: Link to Wine1percent.com blog

  • Flowers, spices and fruit, Gigetto 2017 has it all.

    When it comes to describing Gigetto 2017, the folks at JamesSuckling.com captured the nuances of this challenging vintage!

    Poggio La Noce 2017 Gigetto - 92 pts

    Toscana, Fiesole

    Red wine from Italy

    Drinking window: Drink now

    Violets, lavender and spices with citrus undertones. Medium-bodied with fine tannins and a vibrant finish.

    Tasting date: November 7, 2019

    © 2019 JamesSuckling.com


  • Hello Sexy!

    Oh how we love these fun tasting notes for our very sexy Gigiò 2016!

    Poggio La Noce 2016 Gigiò - 94 pts

    Toscana, Fiesole

    Red wine from Italy

    Drinking window: Drink from 2024

    A sexy wine that shows dark plums, cedar, tobacco, dark chocolate, crushed stones and lavender. What a complete palate, where ripe tannins frame a boisterous core of dark fruit, vitalized by energetic acidity. Long, chewy finish.

    Tasting date: November 7, 2019

    © 2020 JamesSuckling.com


  • Hai detto Sangiovese??

    Stephen McConnell nel suo blog Wine1er parla del nostro Gigino, Sangiovese "puro sangue"; grazie per avere apprezzato il vino in tutta la sua personalita' e per la simpatica descrizione!

    Nel link qui sotto l'articolo completo:


  • Very Pretty! Baja, our Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei!

    As pretty as a sliced pear, those are the aromas of our lovely Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei, as tasted by the JamesSuckling.com team.

    Poggio La Noce 2015 Baja - 91 pts

    Campania, Campi Flegrei

    White wine from Italy

    Drinking window: Drink now

    Very pretty sliced pear and apple character with lemon and green pineapple. Full body, tangy fruit and vivid acidity. Solid, dry falanghina. Excellent wine from a small winery that also makes wine in Tuscany.

    Tasting date: October 20, 2017

    © 2017 JamesSuckling.com


  • A most unusual white...

    Stephen McConnel,, of Wine1percent.com, first impression of Baja 2015 our Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei was a little unusual too!

    "Bright clear goldenrod. Innertube and wet bark try to smother shrill twiggy minerality and dry suede. Coriander salted butter on a galvanized plate. In the mouth, a most unusual white… Sancerre-ish maybe? But with acid SO RIDICULOUS it nearly capsizes the bright, smooth entry, but is kept in check by yellow-pages and cutting-board savory depth and tomato-seed vegetal. It fades off thin and clean–fresh-scrubbed and apricot, pineapple and rose-hips–everything in tiny doses piled upon each other in a subtle stew of pure charisma.

    I don’t know what Baja means in Italian, but this stupidly good little white is my official new oyster wine. It makes muscadet look like chardonnay. You can’t even believe how crisp it is. I think it freeze-dried my teeth.

    2015 #POGGIO LA NOCE Falanghina Campi Flegrei DOC Italy, tasted on Dec 1, 2018."


  • Attenti a quei due!

    Siamo felicissimi che due dei nostri "ragazzi" abbiano ottenuto delle valutazioni fantastiche da Antonio Galloni di Vinous Media. E poi la doppietta e' sempre una grande soddisfazione!

    VINOUS review ------>

    Poggio La Noce 2016 Gigiò - 94 punti

    Toscana, Fiesole

    Red wine from Italy 

    Drinking window: 2021 - 2036 

    The 2016 Gigiò is fabulous. A blend of 90% old-vine Sangiovese and 10% Colorino, the Gigiò is deep, layered and explosive, with tons of richness and vibrancy in every dimension. Time in the glass brings out the wine's intense fruit and character. This is one of the most distinctive wines I have tasted at Poggio La Noce.

    Antonio Galloni. Tasting date: July 2019 

    © 2019 Vinous Media


    Poggio La Noce 2015 Paonazzo - 94 punti

    Toscana, Fiesole

    Red wine from Italy

    Drinking window: 2021 - 2035

    Inky dark fruit, lavender, grilled herbs, spice, menthol and licorice all infuse the 2015 Paonazzo with tremendous depth and pure density. Paonazzo is 50% Sangiovese and 50% Colorino, with the breadth and flamboyance of Colorino very much front and center. Paonazzo is another wine in this range imbued with real character.

    Antonio Galloni. Tasting date: July 2019

    © 2019 Vinous Media

  • E' tutta questione di equilibrio!

    Un applause all'amico Stephen McConnell per le belle parole a proposito di Gigio' 2015. Hai colto nel segno, grazie davvero! Brindiamo a te!


  • Tutto quello che c'e' da sapere su Paonazzo!

    Parliamo sempre poco del nostro Paonazzo, vino dal carattere inconfondibile, potente e espressivo! E siamo molto felice di non essere gli unici a pensarlo: Antonio Galloni di Vinous Media sembra aver apprezzato molto l'ultima annata, la 2014. Nel link le sue note di degustazione.


  • I fili invisibili del destino

    Da Seattle a Fiesole, passando per Baia, il destino avrà avuto di certo qualcosa a che fare con la nascita di Poggio La Noce!

    Un grazie speciale a Riccardo Farchioni di Acquabuona per essere venuto a trovarci in azienda e per il bell' articolo che ci ha scritto!


  • L'olfatto di Gigio'

    Non succede spesso di leggere quanto sia interessante sfruttare il nostro senso dell'olfatto, eppure l'argomento e' fondamentale quando si tratta di vino, e soprattutto per godere davvero in pieno una degustazione. 

    A proposito di questo, un altro bellissimo articolo scritto da SOIF sul  nostro Gigio'! 


  • SOIF & Gigetto

    Parole o immagini? Spesso si dice che un'immagine valga piu' di mille parole, ma in questo caso penso sia davvero difficile decidere! Date un'occhiata a questa bella recensione su Gigetto scritta da SOIF; i suoi articoli sul vino sono sempre pieni di poesia da lasciarci senza parole. E poi le foto sono pazzesche! 


  • Stan "l'Uomo del Vino" sceglie Gigetto

    Siamo elettrizzati per aver ricevuto questa recensione da Stan the Wine Man, del Seattle PI, che ha scelto Gigetto per la rubrica " Il vino consigliato della settimana". Grazie mille Stan!  


  • La nuova cantina di Poggio la Noce apre al pubblico.

    A seguito della nuova apertura della cantina di Poggio la Noce, "Civilta del Bere" ha scritto il seguente articolo:

    Ringraziamo il Sig. Emanuele Pellucci per questo articolo.