• End of Year 2019 wonderful surprise

    Paonazzo is an italian word describing a deep intense purple color (the purple eye on a Peacock's tail) or a "winoe" who after much wine has become purple in the face. We thought that word would aptly describe the color of this wine, a blend of 50-50 Sangiovese and Colorino. But nothing prepared us for this warm and thoughtful write up by Stephen McConnell to which we're ever so grateful.

    To read on: Link to Wine1percent.com blog

  • Who likes Sangiovese?

    Very nice write up by Stephen McConnell on our 100% Sangiovese Gigino; we are grateful for the kind words and just love the thoughtful descriptions, especially when he mentions "... Bonnie Bell Lip Gloss … " :-)

    Check the link below for the full review in his blog:


  • Double trouble for Gigio' & Paonazzo!

    So happy that this duo received such nice ratings this year from Antonio Galloni of Vinous Media! And fun reading through all the descriptions about smell and structure:

    Poggio La Noce 2016 Gigiò - 94 pts

    Toscana, Fiesole

    Red wine from Italy

    Drinking window: 2021 - 2036

    The 2016 Gigiò is fabulous. A blend of 90% old-vine Sangiovese and 10% Colorino, the Gigiò is deep, layered and explosive, with tons of richness and vibrancy in every dimension. Time in the glass brings out the wine's intense fruit and character. This is one of the most distinctive wines I have tasted at Poggio La Noce.

    Antonio Galloni. Tasting date: July 2019

    © 2019 Vinous Media


    Poggio La Noce 2015 Paonazzo - 94 pts

    Toscana, Fiesole

    Red wine from Italy

    Drinking window: 2021 - 2035

    Inky dark fruit, lavender, grilled herbs, spice, menthol and licorice all infuse the 2015 Paonazzo with tremendous depth and pure density. Paonazzo is 50% Sangiovese and 50% Colorino, with the breadth and flamboyance of Colorino very much front and center. Paonazzo is another wine in this range imbued with real character.

    Antonio Galloni. Tasting date: July 2019

    © 2019 Vinous Media

  • It is all about balance!

    Hooray to this beautiful article from our friend Stephen McConnell describing Gigio' 2015. Thank you for hitting the point so clearly! Cheers to you!


  • The latest and greatest about Paonazzo

    We don't talk often about Paonazzo, and yet it too is a pretty exciting and wonderful wine. And to make the point Antonio Galloni of Vinous Media seemed to enjoy the latest release of Paonazzo.  Check out his tasting notes.


  • The invisible threads of destiny

    From Seattle to Tuscany via Baia (along the coastline of Naples) destiny might have had something to do with the birth of Poggio la Noce… indeed!

    A special thank you to Riccardo Farchioni of Acquabuona, for coming by to visit Poggio La Noce and for his beautifully written article. Grazie mille!


  • Gigio and its nose

    It's not often that one reads about the pleasure of smell and yet with wine it is such a crucial element of the experience of tasting. In that spirit, here is another beautifully written review by SOIF describing Gigio!


  • SOIF and Gigetty stuff!

    Words or pictures? They always say one picture is worth a thousand words, well in this case we think it may be difficult to decide. Check out this beautiful review of Gigetto by SOIF who writes so lyrically about wine that one remains speechless and then takes beautiful pictures too!

  • Stan the Wine Man picks Gigetto

    We were thrilled to receive a nice review from Stan the Wine Man, of the Seattle PI.  Gigetto was his chosen wine for his "Pick of the Week".  A big Thank you to Stan and Cheers to that!


  • The Poggio La Noce new Winery opens its doors!

    Following the opening of our new winery, the wine journal "Civilta del Bere" published a nice article about Poggio La Noce:

    Thank you to Emanuele Pellucci for the nice write up.