We think of it as the little brother of Gigiò. It is a wine of surprising immediacy, while still offering plenty of experiences to the nose and palate. Gigetto was born out of our own wish to drink a pleasant, genuine wine, yet with exceptional fruit and easier drinkability. Gigetto is released a year earlier than Gigiò and typically ages in large size botte for only a few months.

Gigetto Data Sheet


  • Wine Type: Red wine IGT Tuscany
  • Vineyard Location: Poggio La Noce, Fiesole
  • Grapes: Sangiovese and Teroldego
  • Exposition: South South West
  • Soil: Mixture of Albarese and Galestro limestones
  • Vinification and maturation: The Gigetto grapes are picked first as we are trying to make a fresh fruit driven wine with less emphasis on concentration. After cluster and berry selection, vinification occurs in temperature controlled stainless steel vats with indigenous yeast. Ageing occurs in oak "botti" or large size barrels (1000L) for 12 months with further 6 months ageing in bottle.

Additional Details

Vinyard: La Noce vineyard on the property of POGGIO LA NOCE, Fiesole (Province of Florence, Tuscany, Italy).

Altitude: 800 ft elavation, 250 meters above sea level

Orientation: South - South West facing

Vineyard Size: 5 acres

Year Planted: Partly in 2000 and partly in 2006

Soil: Medium-textured, predominantly calcareous marl breakdown of alberese and galestro strata, with abundant gravel-rocky mixture.

Training System: Spur-pruned cordon for the Sangiovese and Guyot for the Teroldego

Grapes: 90% Sangiovese, 10% Terroldego (proportions can change depending on the year's growing season and starting from the 2013 vintage)

Harvest: Typically, around the 20th to the 22nd of September The Gigetto grapes are picked first as we are trying to make a fresh fruit driven final wine. They are picked at optimal maturity level but with less emphasis on concentration. They are handpicked and brought immediately to the cellar for further selection).

Vinification: After careful cluster selection, followed by gentle destemming, the berries fall on the sorting table where they are sorted individually allowing only the perfect berries to make it into the Gigetto fermentation vat. Fermentation takes place in temperature controlled stainless steel vats and typically occurs naturally using the grapes own indigenous yeasts. The Sangiovese grapes and Teroldego grapes are each vinified separately so that they may be blended later. Blending decisions will vary depending on the years, with the percentage Teroldego varying between Gigiò and Gigetto.

Ageing: The wine will age in oak botti (1000L barrels) for a few months, up to 12 months depending on the year. Our botti come from one of the best Italian tonnelerie and are typically fine grain medium toast. We use a mixture of new and used large size botti to avoid any excessive wood accent. Following the aging in botti, the wine is further aged in bottle for 6 months.

Bottles Produced: 4000 bottles.

Alcohol: 13% to 14%

Potential Cellaring: Easily 5 years