Olive Oil


We produce an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality and purity. This is due to the serious production process and exceptional terroir.  Our land yields an extra virgin olive oil with unmatched low acidity, absolutely vital for a smooth and fragrant product.

Our farm uses traditional picking methodology, hand picking each olive from our 1500 tree grove in its prime state of ripeness, which preserves the intensity of our olive oil.  

We press the olives directly at the estate the same day.  This helps preserve the intense flavor and full fragrance of the olive oil and ensures the lowest grade of acidity, which is responsible for the smoothness and intensity.

Three types of olives are cultivated at the estate: Frantoio, Leccino and Morailo.  This allows for a smooth and delicate, yet intense, final blend.

Enjoy this all-natural extra virgin olive oil on salads, bruschette or simply with fresh bread and you will savor a most intense fragrance, resembling artichokes, freshly cut grass and almonds.